Our Team is scary talented. We're made up of directors, producers, writers, graphic designers, and editors.

Meet the crew
  • Scott Lyman

    Founder & Director

    Scott got his start in production working as a sound engineer at the fabled Robert Lang Studios in Seattle where he honed his craft working with some of the biggest names in music. After several years in the music business he decided it was time to broaden his horizons so he moved to the Bay Area to study business management at Menlo College. It was during this time that he started doing sound for film and fell in love with the craft. Scott founded SPL in 2012 with the intention to "do things differently" in an industry that is fixated on traditionalism.

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  • Michael Matassa

    Creative Editor

    Michael has been a creative editor for more than 25 years, he got his chops cutting for film and tv at the renowned Red Car Editorial in Hollywood. With his feet firmly planted in San Francisco now, Michael can be found bouncing around the globe cutting for some of the biggest names in advertising, film, and TV.

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  • Alex MacLean

    Director & Visual Effects

    Alex's roots are in the Bay Area but he learned his craft on the mean streets of New York. There he was instrumental in designing the color pipeline and editorial workflow for the SNL digital shorts. He moved back to the Bay and opened a post house specializing in color and visual effects, but decided his time would be better spent on set directing talent than in a dark room staring at a screen all day. He recently relocated back to New York and is Directing commercials and corporate videos.

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  • Kent Pritchett


    Kent has been coloring your favorite movies and TV shows for more than 20 years. He's worked everywhere from Atlanta, to LA, Australia and New Zealand, before putting roots down in the Bay Area. His time with Lucas Film/ILM, Disney Feature Animation, Dreamworks Animation, Autodesk Media and Entertainment, and over a decade working in Hollywood has given him several weapons of mass production and a damn sexy resume. To say he's talented is a massive understatement.

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  • Austin Addis

    Graphic Design

    Austin’s fine art degree in graphic design has proved to be a unique and valuable asset for our team. He takes a problem and attacks it from the inside-out rendering a beautiful, “why didn’t I think of that” solution. Hailing from Philadelphia, his traditional print background gave way to digital chops at Butchershop Creative in San Francisco where he worked on numerous award-winning projects. Austin gets shit done and leaves clients coming back for more. When he’s not designing experiences, you can spot him cycling around town.

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